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Exiger Nexus #7: Celebrating National Supply Chain Day

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Exiger Nexus: We’re back with a new episode to celebrate National Supply Chain Day off of an exciting April and Supply Chain Integrity Month! Exiger Nexus is our series where Exiger’s experts use the lenses of their government & industry backgrounds to focus on — and help you see — the biggest headlines at the intersection of economic & #nationalsecurity in a new way.

What does a focus on supply chain mean moving forward and what are we seeing with our clients across the public-private sector?

Moderator: Kody Gurfein (Global Head of Marketing, Exiger) Speakers and Insight from: • Brandon Daniels (President, Exiger) • Carrie Wibben (President, Exiger Government Solutions) • Bob Kolasky (SVP, Critical Infrastructure)

The risk landscape is constantly changing. Hear about the latest with Exiger.