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Exiger Nexus #2: Supply Chain Risk Goes Mainstream

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Exiger Nexus is a series of discussions where we spotlight breaking headlines and issues –– top of mind for our clients and above the fold in the news –– that bridge the topical intersection of economic security and U.S. national security. In our Nexus sessions, we talk to Exiger’s experts with backgrounds across industry and government to go behind the scenes on the topics they’re tracking this week and get insight into what it means for the upcoming week and beyond.

This week is a special Nexus . . .
1) Between another eventful week & Memorial Day weekend; and
2) We’re launching TRADES, Exiger’s proprietary supply chain risk management framework & maturity model – purpose-built to help companies confidently address the rapidly changing landscape of supply chain risk.


Hosted By

Kody Gurfein, Global Head of Marketing, Exiger

Referenced Articles:

  • “Hurricane Season Could Cause More Shortages and Disruptions in the Nation’s Supply Lines” link
  • Compliance Week: “German supply chain draft legislation expected to have far-reaching effect” with Jaclyn Jaeger
  • Bloomberg News: “How a Chip Shortage Snarled Everything From Phones to Cars” link 
  • CNBC: “Commerce secretary on boosting U.S. semiconductor production: ‘We’re going to get it done’” link 
  • The Wall Street Journal: “After Colonial Pipeline Hack, U.S. to Require Operators to Report Cyberattacks” link
  • Exiger: “Introducing TRADES – Exiger’s proprietary SCRM framework, methodology & maturity model” link 

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