Adverse Media Monitoring

A major investment bank came to us looking for a solution to monitor a group of high-risk PWM foreign customers, specifically looking to monitor adverse media from sources based in their origin country. Our solution included an initial lookback period to understand any existing risk and provides daily curated updates for any adverse news associated to that high-risk population that our client would find material.

6-month Lookback Review

  • 5M+ articles screened by DDIQ
  • 5M+ articles auto adjudicated by DDIQ (99.6%)
  • 20,000+ articles reviewed by Exiger analysts
  • Of these, approximately 190 articles were escalated, which is 0.004% of all articles screened or 0.9% of articles reviewed by Exiger

Ongoing Monitoring (10-month statistics)

  • 15,000+ articles screened by DDIQ
  • 1,600+ articles auto adjudicated by DDIQ
  • 14,000 articles reviewed by Exiger analysts
  • 70 articles escalated (0.5% of all articles screened and manually reviewed)
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