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Residence and Citizenship by Investment (RCBI)

Protect Your Program With Exiger

An industry leader and pioneer in developing purpose-built solutions to address the specific needs of the investment migration industry, Exiger arms RCBI programs with risk management tools to accelerate and safeguard the applicant onboarding process.


The risks of not implementing a comprehensive due diligence process have become evident in cases where applicants with ties to criminal activity and corruption have been named publicly and programs were subsequently forced to re-examine their procedures.

Karen Kelly

Director of Strategy & Development, Exiger Diligence

RCBI Due Diligence

Your program is only as good as the applicants being admitted. Whether you need to verify self-reported applicant information or run a more comprehensive background check leveraging Exiger’s SmartSource team, our broad spectrum of due diligence solutions will provide the information you need to make confident residence and citizenship decisions.

Accelerate Your Program With Insight AMS

Exiger’s Insight AMS helps RCBI programs facilitate a secure and defensible onboarding process. Digitize your program questionnaire, order due diligence and monitor individuals once they’ve been onboarded. Increase the transparency and efficiency of your RCBI program with Insight AMS.


Power Your Program with DDIQ

Exiger was the first in the industry to take a technology-enabled approach to RCBI risk management. DDIQ speeds up desktop research by efficiently and effectively rooting out the risks that matter to you most. 

Investment Migration Council Newsletter: "Drive Efficiency: Artificial Intelligence for Immigrant Investor Programs"

Empowering Governments With Industry-Leading Training

Get the tools and know-how to protect your program with Exiger’s RCBI specialist certification program. Gain the skills necessary to scrutinize applicants, triangulate information and assess an overall risk story to make critical decisions with confidence.


The risk landscape is constantly changing. Hear about the latest with Exiger.