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Supply Chain Risk Management

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In today’s ever-expanding threat landscape it’s not enough to mitigate a single threat vector. You need to tackle them all.

DDIQ provides the transparency you need to surface the stories in your supply chain so you can make safe decisions fast

Our AI-powered technology combined with the best data analytics team in the industry finds facts fast about your extensive supply chain network. Using state-of-the art visualization tools, they deliver a digestible and clear mapping of your network, risk exposure and high priority red flags to steer your attention and action.

Understanding the full risk exposure across your company’s vast supplier network is hard. With so much data and limited access to ownership information, blindspots are common. 

Exiger’s combination of people, process and technology leverages the best of automation and expertise to give you supply chain peace of mind through:

  • Industrial Health Illumination
  • Entity Vetting
  • Supply Chain Analytics

Proven, Mission-ready Technology For Supply Chain Risk Management

From screening and vetting new supply chain relationships to continually monitoring your existing partners, Exiger has the technology and experience to do it fast and at scale.


DDIQ quickly identifies and thoroughly assesses every supplier in your network. Using a tailored risk model, vulnerable entities are flagged for further review so you can make fast and informed supplier decisions.


Keeping in step with the ever-changing geopolitical landscape, DDIQ continually assesses your supply chain partners alerting you to any new potential risks.


Exiger’s approach to supply chain risk management combines the power of DDIQ and the deep expertise of our data analytics team to deliver clarity . . . not noise. No matter how big or small the decision, Exiger will find the facts to power your next steps.


A Customized Dashboard That Puts Risk At Your Fingertips

DDIQ’s command-center-like dashboard puts you in control. With fully configurable features, you can focus on the suppliers, vendors and risks that matter most to you today. In our ever-changing world, we can adapt as fast as your network needs.

Illuminate Supply Chain Risk with DDIQ

DDIQ’s award-winning AI powers rapid and continuous broad-scope, high-value intelligence at a lower cost and an unprecedented scale to light potential dark corners in your supply chain.

COVID-19 amplifies the ongoing need for supply chain risk protection. Exiger DDIQ powers rapid and continuous mission-critical intelligence at a lower-cost and an unprecedented scale.