Raconteur: System Shock- Supply Chains Suffer in Russia-Ukraine War

The Future of Supply Chain & Procurement: “The scale of the global pull-back from Russian businesses has been vast,” reports Exiger’s Brandon Daniels via The Times & Raconteur. With suppliers in Ukraine and Russia mostly out of the picture, critical industries are urgently seeking out alternative options: [Exiger] has looked at 150 oligarchs and the […]

CSO: IDC VP of Supply Chain and Manufacturing Simon Ellis on the Innovation Behind Exiger’s Supply Chain Explorer

With supply chain risks abounding, extra visibility into potential problems could stand manufacturers in good stead –– especially those with complex supply chains IDC vice president of supply chain and manufacturing Simon Ellis spoke with CSOOnline.com, and said that the notable advance made by Exiger’s Supply Chain Explorer platform is its purported “data-agnostic” nature. Where […]

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