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Construction Integrity Monitoring

We keep fraud, waste and abuse at bay while keeping your project on budget, on time and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

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Our technology makes the entire process more efficient and comprehensive, ultimately allowing [state and local governments] to make better and more ethical decisions.

Mike Cherkasky

Exiger Executive Chairman

Large-scale construction projects have proven time and again their vulnerability to fraud, waste and abuse. Our team and technology increase transparency protecting your people, investment and reputation.

Build With Confidence and Integrity


With deep experience in forensic accounting, construction engineering, investigation and project management, our team identifies red flags, roots out issues and arms companies with technology to prevent future incidents.


Exiger Insight 3PM empowers your team to onboard subcontractors, vendors and other third parties with speed, confidence and consistency. Collect information, perform due diligence and monitor your most important partners in one integrated platform.


Let us be your eyes and ears to protect your job site and keep it compliant with local, state and federal regulations, covering environmental, labor and safety laws. 


Scalable Solutions Backed by a Multi-Disciplinary Team of Experts

With an unmatched breadth and depth of project experience, Exiger’s Construction Integrity team has monitored projects including large-scale infrastructure expansions, education systems and disaster relief efforts. Our teams have experience finding risk fast and providing remedial guidance on how to address and prevent the issues from resurfacing.

Bringing Integrity to Construction, One Project at a Time

Exiger’s Construction Integrity Monitoring Program (CIMP) is designed to catch fraud before it grows into a scandal, while protecting both your brand and the project’s budget.

Overseeing $3B+ in Disaster Relief Funds from Hurricane Sandy

Exiger implemented a program for the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) that spans more than 33 housing projects across four boroughs.

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Construction integrity

The People

Contact Information

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Deirdre W. Power

Managing Director

Deirdre is a Managing Director based in Exiger’s New York office. She brings extensive knowledge of criminal and civil investigations, government contracting and procurement to Exiger’s monitoring practice. Since joining the company, Deirdre has managed and overseen multiple government-appointed monitorships, including being appointed the Los Angeles Community College District Bond Program Monitor.

Kenneth J. Casado

Associate Managing Director

Ken Casado is an Associate Managing Director based in Exiger’s New York office. He focuses on construction monitorships, including a monitorship related to rehabilitation from Hurricane Sandy damage of NYC Housing Authority housing complexes throughout the city.

Daniel J. Kassa

Associate Managing Director

Daniel J. Kassa is an Associate Managing Director within our Government Services business based in Exiger’s New York Office.

Ronald P. Calvosa

Associate Managing Director

Ron is an Associate Managing Director within the Government Services business based in Exiger’s New York City office.