Bob Kolasky Joins Panel at Building Resilience Conference

This July, Exiger’s Bob Kolasky will join the U.S. Department of Commerce Foundation‘s 11th Annual Building Resilience Conference program in Washington D.C. This year’s conference will explore the need for readiness strategies to improve resilience – bringing together key players from government, nonprofits, and the private sector to drive effective resilience programming through greater collaboration across sectors.

As in previous years, leaders engaged before, during, and after disasters will share perspectives to help inspire the shared commitment to resilience domestically and globally. Our way of life depends on the reliability of systems and institutions to perform under duress, disruptions, and disasters. Unfortunately, this dependency and system interdependency is often forgotten until a crisis is underway or on the eve of a disaster. Now is the opportunity to strengthen partnerships before the next crisis occurs.

Join Exiger for the following panel:

Building Successful Partnerships for When Systems Fail

Friday, June 29 | 10:20 – 11:05 AM ET

Structures for coordinating across sectors are maturing while the threats, vulnerabilities, and overall risks are dynamic. Disruption across sectors and systemic failure seems more possible now. The global impacts of the pandemic, nation-state cyber threats, hostilities abroad, and the increasing frequency and severity of other hazards have validated long-held concerns across companies that external threats to supply chains and systems and demand shocks, vulnerabilities such as oil dependence, and economic uncertainty are creating a groundswell of complexity. Does this environment present insurmountable challenges, new solutions, partnerships capable of reducing fragility, or shatter the structures we depend on? This panel examines systemic readiness in this context and offers a glimpse to what to expect and what can be done now.


  • Bob Kolasky, Senior Vice President, Critical Infrastructure, Exiger
  • Alaina Clark, Assistant Director for Stakeholder Engagement, CISA
  • Matt Hayden, Vice President, General Dynamics Information Technology
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