Bob Kolasky Joins Panel at Hot Topics in Supply Chain Security Summit

On September 25th, Exiger’s Bob Kolasky joined a panel on supply chain security focused on microelectronics at MITRE‘s Hot Topics in Supply Chain Security Summit. This event brings together many of the diverse topics related to supply chain security and resilience facing our world. Experts discuss ways to foster resiliency and security in the many different types of supply chains, find alignment, acknowledge differences, and identify specific issues facing these different areas of supply chain risks. The goal of this summit is to make connections across the community and foster collaboration and progress on the daunting problems surrounding supply chains.

Watch below for the replay:

Microelectronics Supply Chain Security and Reliance


  • Nitin Shah, Principal Innovator, MITRE Engenuity


  • Bob Kolasky, Senior Vice President, Critical Infrastructure, Exiger
  • Taylor Roberts, Global Director, Security and Trust Policy, Intel Corporation
  • Todd Younkin, President and CEO, Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC)


As a not-for-profit organization, MITRE works in the public interest across federal, state and local governments, as well as industry and academia. We bring innovative ideas into existence in areas as varied as artificial intelligence, intuitive data science, quantum information science, health informatics, space security, policy and economic expertise, trustworthy autonomy, cyber threat sharing, and cyber resilience.

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