Combating Cyber Risk in Your Supply Chain: Responding to the Federal Government’s Push to Create a Resilient Industrial Base

Now more than ever, cybersecurity is a key part of supply chain risk. Recent breaches — such as SolarWinds and Accellion — have demonstrated how software itself can become the Trojan horse, turning from the products that protect us to an ecosystem-wide threat. The cyber hygiene and risk management practices of the third parties we rely on can help us assess how susceptible they are to our own ecosystem or external breaches that could change or modify code.

How can you stay ahead in an evolving risk landscape?

SecurityScorecard and Exiger discusses the importance of continuously monitoring the cybersecurity posture of the third parties we use and trust. In this webinar, the speakers focus on:

  • Why cyber risk is an indicator of overall operational resilience and not just a question of who you’re giving your data to;
  • How cyber risk assessment fits into a wholistic vendor risk assessment, particular in the context of CMMC and Executive Order 1401;
  • Best practices from government and cyber risk experts to implement into your digital third-party risk management program.


  • Brandon Daniels, President, Global Markets, Exiger
  • Sam Kassoumeh, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder, SecurityScorecard
  • Robert Kolasky, Director, National Risk Management Center
  • Katie Arrington, CISO A&S, United States Department of Defense
  • Sachin Bansal, General Counsel, SecurityScorecard
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