The Cyber Guild: Uniting Women in Cyber Virtual Summit

Uniting Women in Cyber 2021, hosted by The Cyber Guild, will unite Fortune 1000 companies, small business technology and security leaders, and government organizations on emerging concepts, innovations, and thought leadership in the changing landscape of cyber. This 2-day virtual event running from 1:00-4:30 EST, will welcome hundreds of global attendees, thought leaders, and industry experts from all walks of life and will include perspectives around how we are leading the workforce in developing a broad entry from other industries. This event will focus on translating skills from mid-to advanced career paths, to retooling existing roles, challenging norms, and thinking differently about diversity and inclusion.

On Tuesday October 5th at 4:05 PM ET, Exiger’s Carrie Wibben will be providing a keynote at this event:

Quantum Computing and AI Convergence

To join this event, please register below:

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