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Exiger WINs: Women’s Initiative Networks

While we work to make the world a safer place to do business we also want to make Exiger a more inclusive place to work. Nobody wins if we leave half the team on the bench. Exiger WINs, an employee resource group (ERG), is committed to hiring, retaining and accelerating the promotion of premier and diverse female leadership at Exiger, while also raising awareness of and encouraging open discussions about the specific challenges women face in the workplace.

“We founded WINs because women still face barriers and unconscious biases to reach their full potential in the corporate world. At Exiger WINs, we work every day to champion and tackle these issues, bring our values to life and make gender parity in our workplace a reality.”

Laura Tulchin and Kody Gurfein

Co-Founders and Co-Chairs, Exiger WINs

When professional women are elevated, everyone wins. Exiger WINs believes that the success of women in the workplace is dependent upon equality of power and opportunity for all — especially those that are often marginalized or underrepresented. 


Exiger WINs wants to ensure every voice is heard and encourages involvement from all identities at Exiger. WINs creates an open environment and actively works to promote diversity and equality through an explicitly anti-racist, anti-discriminatory, culturally sensitive and socially inclusive employee platform for empowerment.

Everyone WINs: Global Themes

Exiger WINs provides local and global-scale programming designed to raise the bar on female professional leadership and representation with a focus on four specific areas:

Fostering mentorships, coaching, and sponsorships
Closing the gender gap for women in STEM fields
Promoting an anti-biased, anti-discriminatory and anti-racist culture of DE&I
Encouraging corporate policies to support employee safety & inclusion

Accelerating Gender Parity Today. Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow.

Amy Furman

Director of Programs, Break Through Tech New York

As a founding partner of Break Through Tech’s Winternship program, Exiger has provided invaluable opportunities to 15 college women in the CUNY network. Support from employer partners like Exiger has helped grow our program over the past 3 years, connecting 80+ companies and over 700 Winterns. Exiger WINs’ dedication to the mission has fueled the Winternship's success, accelerating the careers of tomorrow’s tech leaders as they enter the workforce and affording the market with the best and brightest minds to drive innovation.

Mike Cherkasky

Chief Executive Officer

For over four years, Exiger WINs has proven itself to be an invaluable member in the Exiger community. Exiger WINs’ mission serves the entire Exiger family, contributing to a culture of inclusivity and opportunity for all our colleagues and clients.

Anna Kolesnick

Computer Science Major and Exiger Wintern

One of Exiger’s Data Scientists told us about her professional and educational experience. Her enthusiasm and intelligence was so inspiring, it really made us interested in Data Science – I had no idea it existed before and now it’s a potential career path.

Derik Riesche

Director, Exiger

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, it was difficult to find certainty in anything –– not knowing what the next day would bring. I was tired and feeling burnt out on all fronts. It was an immense relief when Exiger WINs helped advocate and navigate Exiger’s flexible family support policies available during the pandemic. This gave me room to breathe, restored balance, and gave me peace of mind to know that my company had my back during such uncertain times.

Raluca Stanca

Exiger WINs London Chair

The mission of WINs is to champion the role of women in the workplace, but we know that the advancement of women is wholly dependent upon equality of power and opportunity for all identities. WINs is a socially inclusive employee platform that strives to achieve the collective potential of all of our colleagues.

Exiger WINs collaborates with industry partners so we all can go further together

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