TechInformed: Ransomware- How to Protect Your Firm From Attack

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‘Never trust, always verify’ has become this decade’s de facto cyber security approach due to the high volume of ransomware and the skill that attacks are organized. As zero-trust approaches become commonplace, there are a few easy steps to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Government agencies, such as the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, and non-profits, such as the Cyber Readiness Institute, have put in place guides for how to implement cyber security practices in a low-cost manner.

Bob Kolasky
Senior Vice President, Critical Infrastructure, Exiger Government Solutions

In the fourth and final part of their ransomware series, TechInformed author Ann-Marie Corvin called upon Exiger’s Bob Kolasky, former assistant director for cyber security at the US Infrastructure Security Agency, to explore cyber security and boost resilience against attacks.

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