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The world’s first purpose-built technology designed to manage today’s biggest risk & compliance challenges, DDIQ short-circuits your path to organized fact-finding so you can make critical decisions with confidence and speed.

Accelerate Your Due Diligence with DDIQ

Faced with the enormous challenge of finding and narrowing all the information related to a subject, research teams need all the help they can get. DDIQ's risk analytics platform zooms in on the risks that matter most and then takes consistent and defensible actions so you can make critical business decisions fast.

false positive & noise reduction
data sources already integrated,
including premium data sources,
open web, deep web & watchlists
Access to information from
6B people + 300M companies
Fuzzy matching, deduplication and entity resolution

Black Box Technologies Don’t Work For Risk & Compliance. Exiger’s Technology Platform is Built on Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Designed by Former Risk and Compliance Professionals

Focused on creating solutions to modernize risk management, DDIQ ingests and interprets data from any source, identifies the information relevant to your subject and risk ranks the information to help prioritize review and accelerate adjudication.


We broke down the life of an onboarding KYC file . . . the majority of the hours were spent on negative news screening. If you think about how you can achieve a 60% reduction, it also means that analysts can do more files . . . with the utilization of technology.

Mark Kaplan, COO of Cantor Fitzgerald


Bottles of beer on the wall


Bottles of beer on the wall

Transforming the fight against financial crime & corruption

We work every day to make the world a safer place to do business

Transforming the fight against financial crime & corruption

We work every day to make the world a safer place to do business

Our Technology

Power Your Decisions with DDIQ

Designed to think and decision like a human researcher would, DDIQ is a purpose-built research engine that uses the power of artificial intelligence to find the risks that matter most.

All the Information You Need In One Place

DDIQ eliminates the ‘swivel-chair effect’ by ingesting and interpreting information from structured watchlists, structured premium news, open web sources and your proprietary lists.


Organized Using Configurable Risk Rules

DDIQ is fully auditable artificial intelligence. Easily access a subject’s full dataset and all the decisions made for easy real-time audits. DDIQ places as much priority on understanding risk as it does finding it. Information is organized by relevance and categorized by risk-event.

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Decision with Confidence & Monitor Moving Forward

Create easy to navigate profiles with clear guidance on the high, medium and low contributors to risk. Monitor subjects with ease and update profiles with a click of a button.

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