Regulations to Prevent Modern Slavery in Supply Chains 

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Governments are taking initiatives to make organizations accountable for all activities in their supply chains that might involve modern slavery. This includes introducing or expanding legislation to require due diligence, risk assessment, and transparency in reporting.

Client Alert: Climate Change Threatens Domestic Chip Production, U.S. National Security

Years of drought—exacerbated by climate change—have pushed the Colorado River to a breaking point. Federal officials are warning that Lake Powell and Lake Mead, the U.S.’s two largest reservoirs, could by 2025 reach “dead pool” status, where water levels will have become so low that water could no longer flow during certain times of the […]

Client Alert: Disruption to Chinese Industrial Capacity

The Chinese government faces political and economic pressure to reopen its economy after two years of harsh restrictions in the pursuit of its “Zero-COVID” strategy. Its reluctance thus far can be explained by a fragile healthcare system that appears unprepared for restrictions to be lifted. The recent Omicron wave is bypassing containment efforts, and despite […]

Client Alert: Diesel Shortages and Price Hikes

Over the next few months and potentially beyond, the U.S. and Europe will face shortages and price hikes of diesel fuel, which is integral to industry and global supply chains. Diesel as an Energy Source In the U.S., “diesel” is the same as heating oil, which is used to heat homes, especially in the Northeast. […]

Client Alert: Instant Payment Systems and OFAC Sanctions Compliance

Instant payment systems have revolutionized payment services across the globe. The global volume of instant payment transactions reached 70.4 billion in 2020. It is also expected to grow at an annual rate of over 30% by 2024. With the increasing prevalence of this technology, OFAC recently issued guidance to help instant payment service providers better […]

Client Alert: Western Liquid Natural Gas Shortages & Exposure

Russia’s indefinite closure of the NordStream 1 natural gas pipeline to Europe on Sept. 2, 2022 has led to liquid natural gas (LNG) shortages and high prices in Europe. The resulting energy crisis threatens to depress economic output and snarl supply chains, especially of natural gas-dependent industries in Europe and possibly beyond. Europe may, to […]

Client Alert: CFIUS Executive Order Update

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What is CFIUS & Why Should I Care? CFIUS, or the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, is an interagency committee authorized to review transactions involving foreign investments to determine their impact on national security and to evaluate whether they present an undue risk to American interests. On Sept. 15, 2022, President Biden […]

Exiger Provides Due Diligence for Transparency International’s 2020 Anti-Corruption Award

Exiger is proud to support Transparency International‘s 2020 Anti-Corruption Award, which recognizes the courage and determination of the many individuals & organizations fighting corruption around the world. Our due diligence researchers utilized their global public records expertise, combined with DDIQ’s AI-powered automated due diligence platform, to provide Transparency International with independent assurance that the individuals […]

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